Friday, June 5, 2009


Seth and I were talking about a kid in Jared's class who is black. Jared said, "He is NOT black. He is dark brown."

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Now I Know

Jared's teacher did a "Red Carpet" awards ceremony for her students yesterday. The kids made invitations and dressed up to attend. All of the students were excited to welcome their families. When I arrived, Jared showed us to our seats. Jared has a black boy named Keandre in his class. When his mom arrived Jared said, "So that is what his mom looks like."


We have been potty training Ellis this week. He is doing OK and really wants to wear underwear. Yesterday I heard him come in the house crying softly I went to see what was going on and he had wet himself, just a little. He was walking like Yosemite Sam and crying, "Eeew. Eeew."

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Mia really loves music. I was at the Distribution Center yesterday and Mia asked me if I knew where the children's song books were. I showed her where they were and she asked me to buy her one. I told her that maybe I could get her one for Christmas, but I wasn't going to buy one today. She decided that she wanted to buy one for herself. I explained to her that it would take all of her money, but she could buy it if she wanted to. She decided to buy it.

On the way home, Mia was sitting in the back reading her songbook and just a singing the words to any tune that fit her fancy.

Say What?

The kids like to me sing them a song before bed. Jared told me that I could choose what ever I wanted to sing. I started singing, "When the Family Gets Together". When I sang, "popping corn and having fun" Jared burst out in a fit of giggles. He asked me, "Did you say 'popping Gordon having fun'?"


We were having a little thunderstorm today. When the thunder rolled, Gordon ran in and said, "That brainstorm is sure scary!"