Monday, August 15, 2011


We have a lot of hornets in our yard. I think that because it has been empty for a year, the hornets just found a safe place to live, on our house. We were talking about the different animals we have seen in our yard; ants, a snake, grasshoppers and hornets. Jared started talking about his friend, Lewis and how he would be so envious because he loves to catch animals.

Gordon said, "How do you catch hornets anyway?"

I said, "I don't know...throw a hot dog out?"

Gordon thought I meant to throw a hot dog at the hornet. He started laughing so loud and said, "Throw a hot dog at it? How about throw a pizza at it?"


Mia had her first experience using a public restroom that had a lock that didn't work. Mia was really upset about it. When she came out she said, "If I was in charge of the bathroom, I would spend most of the money on making sure the door locked and I wouldn't lock the toilet paper. Who would want to steal toilet paper anyway? I don't know why they would have a bathroom with a door that doesn't lock!"

Sometimes it is hard to remember she is only 8.