Wednesday, July 7, 2010


We have been in swimming lessons. Mia has a swim cap that she wears to swimming lessons to protect her hair. I get her hair wet and then put the conditioner on. I then put it in a ponytail and put the cap on.

On the way to the pool Mia was asking me what the conditioner did for her hair. I told her that it would make it soft, protect it from the chlorine in the pool and keep it from getting tangled.

Gordon processed it for a while and then said, "Mom will you turn on the air conditioner?"

I said, "Sure. I am surprised that you are too warm." (It was 7:30 AM)

Gord said, "I want my hair to be soft."

Just Like Daddy

The kids were playing "LIFE" the other day and Gordon kept getting 10's. If you are familiar with the game, you will know that if you spin a 10 you have to pay a speeding ticket. Jared made a comment about all the speeding tickets Gordon was having to pay and Gordon said, "Yeah. I want to be like Daddy!"