Friday, May 23, 2014

They Pay You to do That?

I have been substituting all week in Ellis' class because his teacher had knee surgery.  Yesterday I was talking to Gordon and Ellis about how I need to check in at the office so I can get paid.  Gordon stopped in his tracks and said, "Wait.  They pay you to substitute!? I always thought you did it for free!"

Ellis said, "I always thought you paid them to let you substitute."

I asked Ellis why he thought I paid them to let me substitute and he said, "Well, You are using their building."

Sickness Business

Gordon stayed home sick today. Linda was substituting, so he was instructed to call me (as my work offers more freedom) if he needed anything. I was just coming out of a meeting when I noticed I had a voice message. Here it is:

Voice Message

I guess he's all business when he calls dad at work.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Acne Agony

Mia has a small pimple in her eyebrow.  We were talking about it and Mia said, "Oh no! I have acne!" 

Gordon said, "You have agony?"

We all started to laugh and Ellis was in the back saying, "'s agny!"