Saturday, August 30, 2008

No Pants Questions

I was getting dressed in our bedroom, which has a connected bathroom, from which Jared was doing the sitting version of using the potty. Under that setting, he shouted to me that he couldn't beat "Sir Red Beard" on "Super Power Island" of the online game Poptropica. Coincidentally, my brother, Jordan, who is the lead creator of the game, had just arrived at our home (and Jared didn't yet know this). So I responded saying, "Guess what? uncle Jordan is upstairs RIGHT NOW. You could ask him for some secrets!"

After a momentary pause Jared skeptically asked, "Why would it help to ask Jordan with no pants or underwear on?"

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Belly Button

I went to Kohls with Gordon today and he saw a button on the floor. He was so excited and went over and picked it up. He said, "Look Mommy. A Belly Button. Someone lost their belly button."

Body Guard

We went to the park with our Neighbors yesterday. There was a little girl at the park who was being mean to Gordon. At one time, she pushed him out of the way so that she could play with the toy he was playing with. Gordon started to cry. I looked over waiting to see how Gordon would handle it. Gordon's friend, Spencer, stepped in for him. He made this face at the girl like he was going to turn into the incredible hulk on her. Through clenched teeth, he said, "Don't push my friend Gordon!"

Later this same girl came up to Gordon and hit him. Gordon was crying and Spencer was yelling at the girl. I asked Gordon if he wanted Spencer to be his Body Guard and Gordon said, "Spencer IS my body guard!"

Spencer is 6 months younger than Gordon.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Yesterday I was sitting on the floor and Mia was climbing up my back like I was a tree or something. Gordon was sitting in front of me playing with me. All of a sudden Gordon looked at me and Mia and exclaimed, "Mommy! You are going to broke!"

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Mia went to the school for Kindergarten testing today. After she finished, her teacher gave her a lolli-pop. On the way to the car, I asked her to eat her lolli-pop quickly so we didn't have to worry about the boys crying over it when we got home. Mia told me, "Mom. They are called SUCKERS. That means I have to suck them and they melt slowly."

Monday, August 25, 2008


Yesterday at church, the Sacrament was being passed and Ellis started saying, "Sammiches! Sammiches!" I told him that they were just little pieces of bread, not sandwiches. He started yelling, "Sammiches. Sammiches." I finally told him, "sure. They are sandwiches...but you only get a small piece of sandwich."


Yesterday at church, the Sacrament was being passed. It was nearly to our row and Gordon told me that he was going to take 2 pieces of bread. I told him that he was only allowed one piece. When the bread got to our row, Gordon looked at me impishly and took two pieces of bread, ignoring my whispers to put one back and ate them both.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Gordon didn't want to finish his dinner tonight and I was cleaning off the table. He didn't want me to throw his food away but I didn't want it left out on the table. He sat in his bed and told me, "Mommy! If you throw my food away, I won't read this Winnie the Pooh book!"

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Magazine Teacher


I told the kids I was going out with my visiting teachers tonight. Jared said, "Oh, you are going with your magazine teacher?"

Heavenly Father or Santa


Today Mia said, "We get everything we want from Heavenly Father...or Santa!"



Harry Judd is our balding neighbor and Pat is his wife. Jared and Mia had been talking about them. After dropping Jared off at school Mia said, "Is Harry the boy?" I told her that he is. She then said, "Why do people call him Hairy when he doesn't have very much hair?"

Another tooth


On Sunday Jared had his second tooth fall out. In his words, "First I put the string on. Then I was pulling it and then Gordon swatted it away from me and it fell on the ground! That's how my loose tooth got out! I hugged Gordon for pulling my tooth out for me."



The other day we were coming home from Laura's house and from the back we heard Mia say, "Introducing Jared! The next great exhibit!."

No Screaming!


My visiting teachers told me this story:

The other we had a substitute for singing time. She wanted the kids to sing as loudly as they could. After about 2 songs Mia said loudly, "I don't want to scream any more." The primary all started to laugh. Mia turned around, put her hands on her hips and said, "I DON'T like to be laughed at guys!"

Pony Tail


Mia went in to go to the bathroom and I heard her making some noise so I went in to check on her. She was standing in the bathroom with some toilet paper in her bottom, neighing. I asked her what she was doing and she said, "I am a horse and that is my tail."

Beauty Shop


I played "Beauty Shop" with Mia today. We fixed each others hair. When she was fixing my hair, she called me Beauty. After a while she said, "Let's play Cinderella Shop. I'm Cinderella."

Barney's Yucky!


We have always told the kids that "Barney" is yucky. Yesterday I had this conversation with Mia.

Mia: "Remember that day when I was sick and I had to watch "Barney"?"
Me: "And you cried?"
Jared: "Because Barney is SO yucky?"
Mia: "Because I called for you and you didn't hear me."
Mia: "Barney isn't yucky."
Me: (laughing)
Mia: "It ISN'T funny AND Barney isn't yucky!"

What's that smell?


I was changing Gordon's stinky diaper today and Mia walked in. She said, "What's that smell?"
I said, "What do you think it is?"
She said, "It isn't Gordon's stinky diaper. It smells delicious!"
I said, "All I smell is Gordon's diaper."
She said, "It is fresh air." Then she took a deep breath and walked out of the room.

I love you


We had a lot of fun in Aberdeen this weekend. Jared and Alex were the best of friends. They wanted to sleep in the same sleeping bag together. When Jared said his prayers he said, "Pray that I can sleep in my sleeping bag with Alex. Pray that I will see Alex at the parade. Pray that I can stand by Alex at the parade..." When he finished he said to Alex, "Know why I said that? Because I LOVE YOU!



Jared bonked his head on the dresser tonight.

Seth said the prayer tonight. When he finished, Jared crawled onto my lap and burst into tears. When he calmed down enough to talk, he said he was crying because Seth didn't pray for his head. Seth said another prayer and everything was fine.



I asked Gordon to tell Jared and Mia to come eat. I heard him say to them, "Uh, cheese." I guess to a 2 year old that means come eat.



Mia told me today that she would like to be my twin "stister". I hugged her.



Jared's first tooth fell out today. He was so excited! He told me, "I was wobbling it with my tongue. Then I gave it one more wobble and it fell out in my hand!"

It's OK Mommy...


I was parking today and backed out then went in straight and Mia said, "Mommy it's OK that you are not very good at parking."

Wishes CAN come true.


In the car today Jared said, "Tell me what you want for your birthday. I will make your wish come true."

Useful Straws


Yesterday when we stopped to eat, Mia put her straw down her shirt and blew air. She told me in her sing-song voice, "I didn't have any warm air on my tummy today so I am using my straw to blow warm air on my tummy."

Not Sick, Funny

Gordon has been sick the past few days. He has been lethargic during the day time and waking up crying at night from discomfort. It's nothing traumatic or uncommon, but enough to keep him from being very active. So I was surprised a moment ago when he suddenly cried out that he wanted to go outside and swing. This was especially strange considering no one else was playing outside, which would at least explain the motivation.

I tried reasoning with him, "But you're sick." In a defensive and saddened cry he corrected me with, "Daddy, I not sick. I funny!" I couldn't argue that point with him, so out he went to swing! (And for the moment seems to be doing fine.)

These sort of corrections from Gordon are pretty commonplace. If you tell him he's cute, he may say, "I not cute. I sick." Though occasionally he may agree with you, but add emphasis to your description, as in, "I AM a good boy." It's always subject to his approval though.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Sometimes I think Gordon just talks to hear himself speaking. He is full of good advice, too. Tonight while I was brushing his teeth, he said to me, "Mom. Don't toothbrush my eyes."

Friday, August 15, 2008


I was watching diving with Mia the other night. I was telling her which country the divers were from. She saw some from the US and said, "Are they from America?" I told her, "Yes". She said, "Is that because they have the American Flag on their swimming underwear?"

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I asked Mia what she learned at her swimming lessons today. She told me that they learned to float. I asked her if she was able to float on her own and she said, "No. My gravity is too big. I will always sink."


I have a nephew named Kendhal.

Jared received a candle from his primary teacher on Sunday. We have been lighting this candle every day while we eat. Mia was talking about candles and started laughing and said, "Candle! Remember our cousin named Candle?"

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


A year ago I was at church with the kids while Seth was out of town. It was during the Sacrament and Jared was intently watching the boys passing the Sacrament. He turned and looked at me and said, "When I am 12 I can pass the Sacrament...but I might get hungry!"


We were reading in the Book of Mormon as a family. We were reading when Lehi was prophesying to the people in Jerusalem and they sought to take away his life. When we read that they sought to take away his life, Ellis gasped.

It was so funny. Like he understood exactly what was happening in the Scriptures.


Last year I was asking Mia to clean up. She said to me, "Mom. I am a princess. Princesses DON'T clean up!"

I told her that, "I am the QUEEN and the queen TELLS the princess what to do. Now I want you to go clean up your room."

Now whenever we play princess, I get to be the princess and she is ALWAYS the queen!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Gordon has a trouble face he makes, where he lowers his eyebrows and looks at you under them.

We were at Grandma's house and Grandma told Gordon he couldn't do something, maybe it was that he couldn't eat in the living room or something. Gordon looked over at Grandma, with his trouble face, and said, "Grandma is trouble!"

Mia who was also in the same room overheard this and after contemplating it for a while said, "Oh yeah? Then WHY is it called GRANDMA'S HOUSE!?"



My kids are upstairs right now playing "Life". I was just finishing up the dishes and I heard Jared say, "I can't wait until I am married! Can you Mia?"


Originally posted 7/14 here.

Gordon loves nicknames. From the moment he could talk, when people would call him "Gordon" he would say, "I'm Gordy." We often call Mia "Mia-bo-bia" and Gordon has picked upon it. Lately when I ask him his name he will say, "I'm Gordy-smo-Gordy!" I overheard this conversation this morning:
Gordon: "My name is Gordy-smo-Gordy."
Mia: "Uh huh."
Gordon: "G-o-r-d-q-v. That is how you spell Gordy-smo-Gordy."

Death Marks

Originally posted on 7/31 here.

I took Mia with me to run errands after Seth got home from work today. We were talking and having a good time when Mia said, "Ow! That is going to leave a death mark." I asked her what she said and she tried to explain, but the traffic and air conditioning were working against our conversation. She then says, "You know. On Barbie and the Pauper, Barbie has a death mark." I began to giggle and told her that it was really called a birth mark. She told me that she "didn't care what everyone else called them. She was going to call them death marks!"


After we lit a candle this morning, Jared and Mia were talking about all of the things that candles hate, like juice and milk... after a while Mia got all quiet and then said,"The sun can start fires by looking at wood too long."