Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Not Sick, Funny

Gordon has been sick the past few days. He has been lethargic during the day time and waking up crying at night from discomfort. It's nothing traumatic or uncommon, but enough to keep him from being very active. So I was surprised a moment ago when he suddenly cried out that he wanted to go outside and swing. This was especially strange considering no one else was playing outside, which would at least explain the motivation.

I tried reasoning with him, "But you're sick." In a defensive and saddened cry he corrected me with, "Daddy, I not sick. I funny!" I couldn't argue that point with him, so out he went to swing! (And for the moment seems to be doing fine.)

These sort of corrections from Gordon are pretty commonplace. If you tell him he's cute, he may say, "I not cute. I sick." Though occasionally he may agree with you, but add emphasis to your description, as in, "I AM a good boy." It's always subject to his approval though.

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