Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bug Ball

Last night I was tasked with helping Mia prepare a Family Night lesson. The difficulty was not in preparation, but decision-making. I offered at least 30 different topics, ideas, and activities to her over a period of more than an hour and spanning over dinner, only to be rejected time and time again. I almost had her at "earthquake preparedness," but that was eventually shot down also.

Finally, in defeat, I told her to just pick something and then I would help her prepare it. At the last moment before starting time, she came to me with full confidence and excitment in her eyes. I asked her what she wanted to talk about, which she summarized in a single word: bugs.

So I helped her slap together our spiritual enlightenment for the night, which included some common misconceptions about bugs and a stupid video on youtube which was done to The Ugly Bug Ball from Summer Magic. The kids loved it (and maybe the parents found some enjoyment in it too). Even though we didn't have the full attention of any one of them the whole night, we did get much more involvement from them than we've had in a while. And we danced the "bug ball" to groovy 60s tunes and the chipper voice of Burl Ives. How cool is that?

I think the church website needs a suggestion box for FHE lesson topics.

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