Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mr. Nobody

Lately when I ask the kids, "Who left toys on the floor?" I get the response that "Mr. Nobody did it." Mr. Nobody has been in BIG trouble lately.

Today in the car Gordon and Ellis were talking about Mr. Nobody. Ellis said, "Mr. Nobody doesn't play!"

I said, "What does Mr. Nobody do? Does he just write on the walls and dump the toys all over the floor and make a mess?"

Gordon said, "No. That's just what WE do!" He later recanted that statement and said it was actually Mr. Nobody that did all those naughty things.

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Missy said...

In my house growing up we had names for each kid -- everybody, nobody, somebody, etc. so when my mom would say, "Will somebody please put this away?" we'd all look to who had that name. Drove her crazy. Anyway, it just reminded me of my childhood and sounds like something similar going on in your home.