Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Yesterday morning while I was doing Mia's hair, I had this conversation with her:

Mia: "I woke up at like 4:00 this morning or something."

Me: "Why did you wake up at 4?"

Mia: "I needed to go to the bathroom and then I couldn't go back to sleep."

Me: "Did you wake up the boys?"

Mia: "No. I didn't wake anyone up. I just read in my bed for like an hour. Then I cried a little because I was bored."

Me: "Did you wake up Ellis while you were crying?"

Mia: "No. I just cried softly because I was bored. Then I got up and went in the living room to read for a while. Then Jared came out and well, you know what happened after that..."

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mommaquincy said...

What a sweetie! Crying softly, so no one woke up? Who is kind enough to do that?