Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Down and Out

Jared and Mia need to take showers each school morning. Jared is almost always awake when it's time for showers. Mia hardly ever is. She's very sluggish in the morning and likes her sleep. Fortunately, Jared is often willing to take the first shower. However, when he doesn't want to, in fairness, we force Mia out of bed.

This morning Jared declined the first shower, so I started poking and prodding Mia to get down from the bunk bed where she sleeps. She was just coming down the ladder when Jared changed his mind and announced he would take the first shower.

Mia, unwilling to waste even the slightest bit of energy beyond that which is required, decided to make herself comfortable and rest on the spot--in the middle of the ladder.

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