Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I was reading "Pippi Longstocking" to Gordon and Ellis the other day.  We got to the part where Pippi, Tommy and Annika go on a picnic.  They are trying to find a spot to have the picnic and Tommy suggests that they sit in a nice shady place. 

"Oh, no, that's not sunny enough for my freckles," said Pippi, "and I do think freckles are so attractive."

Both of my boys have freckles and Gordon said, "That's not true. No one is attracted to me!"

Ellis looked down at the floor and said, "They are to me."

Gordon said, "I know! Everyone is attracted to you. Like millions of people."

Ellis said, "Except for bad guys."

Gordon said, "I think a bad guy might kidnap you because you are so cute."

Ellis stared at Gordon for a bit and then said, "That is kind of a really nice thing to say, Gordon."

(Note: There wasn't a hint of sadness from Gordon.  He is happy with who he is. For the record, I am super attracted to his freckles!)

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