Thursday, December 19, 2013


Another note that Ellis wrote for me while I was at the band concert. (We started paying our kids $.01 per page in the hopes that Gordon who is a fantastic reader would get excited about reading something other than picture books.  They have to read a book on their reading level and they can only get paid for it once.  Then they need to give me a book review. We got this idea from Seth's cousin, Becky.)

From Ellis
Dear mom
I red 111 pajes
in a book it
was abot
cristmas in camolot
(Fictin) what
I liked abot
it is Jack and
annie whent
to a cave
Then got
ant ust
like sords.

From Ellis
Dear mom
I read 111 pages
in a book it
was about
Christmas in Camelot
(fiction) What
I liked about
it is Jack and
Annie went
to a cave
then got
and used
like swords.

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